Enterprise Organizations Have Embraced Containers and Kubernetes but are Struggling to Properly Secure Data Stored in Cloud-Native Environments


Enterprises are moving multiple applications to the cloud using containers and utilizing Kubernetes for orchestration, but many are still using legacy security solutions to try and secure the data that’s stored in these cloud-native environments.

In partnership with Accelerated Strategies Group, a carefully curated community of IT and security influencers that offer insights to the larger IT ecosystem, Zettaset commissioned an in-depth survey to understand just how companies are securely using containers and microservices as part of their larger digital transformation strategies.

We collected responses from over 200 global IT professionals and executives and found:

  • Organizations are embracing the cloud and cloud-native technologies
  • Cloud providers offer considerable influence with regards to Kubernetes distribution
  • Kubernetes security best practices have yet to be identified
  • Companies have yet to evolve their existing security strategies

Download the report to view all our findings in, “Kubernetes Data Protection.”

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